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Hello, while I am very happy this is getting a big spike in traffic months after release, I want to stress this was made in 48 hours for a Game Jam! Options menus and epic end sequences are not features.

Christ alive: You might get a (big) crash playing this on Mac. For now please download the Mac executable version or launch the Web Player at your own risk!

If you cannot play Unity games in your browser (Chrome) there are some workarounds, but I would recommend booting up Internet Explorer for the nostalgia, or downloading the executable..

In Left-leaning you control a car that auto-accelerates. As per the themes rules you only have two-buttons and they are:

  1. Press Left Cursor/Arrow to turn Left
  2. Press Z to toot your horn.

That doesn't leave us enough buttons for turning right, but I'm sure you'll think of something.

Published Dec 13, 2015
AuthorAlexander Taylor
TagsLudum Dare 34


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Linux? ;(

Great Job ! It's an awesome prototype ! If you manage to finish the game, don't forget to add some interludes (easy mini games, ...) to de-stress the player. I was quite frustrated at the 7th level.

NB : I don't blame you for the frustration, it's a prototype after all ;D.