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Thousands of fairies and familiar faces are swarming the Scarlet Devil Mansion Library! Help Patchouli Knowledge survive by attacking back with bullet hell Spell Cards, gathering experience, and upgrading exponentially!

StatusIn development
Release date Oct 14, 2022
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorAlexander Taylor
GenreAction, Shooter
Tags2D, Bullet Hell, Casual, patchouli, Singleplayer, Touhou, touhou-project
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Get this game and 1 more for $7.99 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
30% Off
$3.88 $2.71 USD or more

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Touhou Library Survivors 79 MB
Touhou Library Survivors 78 MB
Touhou Library Survivors 79 MB
Touhou Library Survivors 79 MB

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This has to be one of the most unique Survivor takes I’ve ever played! I love how the upgrade system works as I was planning (and hoping) for different attacks and modifiers to build out my grid. I wish I could share even the little things like what my build looks like at the end and which pieces I placed per level.

On top of that, the controls and mob AI was really fun to dodge and weave near the end! Getting the massive wall of farries felt like an endurance test but also a much needed break in the middle of everything.

There’s just so much to gush over, even the addtion of options like assist mode (I found the bullet transparancy useful) and starting weapons based on your real day is such a nice touch.

I would love to see more in the future, thank you again for this gem!

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Yay, thank you for the kind comment!


This was an extremely fun to play danmaku roguelike. This is the most "bullet hell" of all the survivors-type games I've played, but already being a Touhou fan, it was like returning home ~

 I *really* love the design of the upgrade system - it's really easy to understand, but right away you're tempted to optimize each placement and upgrade... The spells are all fun, and coming up with good spell/trigger setups is great too.

Even more than that, I love that there's clearly *so* much love for Touhou in this game, from Patchy's spells being organized by the week, to including Cirno's "Perfect Freeze", to the rocketship. I love it. Thanks for the fun game <3

thank you! :pray:

This looks absolutely wonderful!

Although I do kinda wish this could have been a fork of taisei-project. (Owing to the fact that this is Windows only... and I use Linux).

Do you (or anyone else reading this) know if this game can work in WINE without issues?


i've been playing this on my Steam Deck and it's worked perfectly fine! that's with Proton specifically, though, i can't speak for how it performs on other Wine variants


I can't believe I had to defeat Remilia and get the achievement to realise why you chose the Scarlet Devil cast lmao

I decided to play it because it was recommended to me as a survivors reference, but I ended up getting really involved, good stuff!  

Happy you enjoyed it!

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I super fricking love the upgrade system in this. Haven't gotten too far through (certainly plan on 100%ing tho), but staring at the upgrade screen and thinking and thinking about what's the best choice (and crying when I don't get daggers + bounce pff) is really fun!! Also the bullet patterns are super fun to dodge, too, alongside the SWARMS!!!! I'm like pretty glad the hitbox is apparently slightly smaller than the indicator because aaaa so many grazes that definitely weren't real grazes pff. The only nightmare is reaching Stage 2 with a bad build and just crying as a swarm of fairies punishes you for not having aoe pff. 

Thank you for making this!!!


Thank you for playing! Glad you're having fun!