First Update

Hello, I finished putting a build together this morning.


  • Added a third battle track from Noelle Amelie Aman!
  • During the starting, green fights a widget shows basic controls(1)
  • Spells affected by Cooldown or Silence(2) will now continue to show their description and stone sequence. Exhausted spells will still hide their details.
  • The action "remove X unused stones" also considers stones on temporarily disabled spells to be desirable
  • Status effect decay/remove rules in a different colour for clarity
  • More robust save system for WebGL(3)
  • Started adding names of Patreons

Bug Fixes:

  • "Halves maximum health but full heal after each fight" modifier now properly heals (it also makes Scrying free and removes camps)
  • Modifiers that add flags (Repeat and Pristine) will no longer persist
  • Cooldown and Exhaust effects should no longer cancel additional flags
  • In Japanese, the Badge requirement strings are now translated

Thanks for your feedback and bug reports!

(1) Hopefully this is not the final solution! I also need to tell people you only need to click stones and don’t need a death grip on your mouse the whole time.

(2) No enemies in the demo can actually cast Silence. It’s a spell debuff that just disables it for one round. Honestly, it’s not the most fun thing because it doesn’t have much counterplay, so right now it only exists on some bats. Because birds and bats being annoying is actually correct and good game design.

(3) A shout out to @3p0ch in the comments who pointed me towards a way to make WebGL saves better. As I understand it, when you make a save in the browser it’s placed in a database that’s pretending to be a folder in the backrooms somewhere. This folder is generated with the asset url which Unity assumes to be consistent but, as this actually changes with every upload to sites like itch and newgrounds, this gets unrecoverably lost.

The good news is, after some mucking around, this now uses a static identifier and should stay consistent in future updates. The bad news is that the static string is only being introduced now, so existing saves will still get nuked. FWIW there is an unlock button in options. And, you know, ultimately it is still floating around in temporary storage. Sorry, but it's probably better than no updates!


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