Second Update!

I want to say again that the support and feedback has been great. I have read all your comments, watched stream VODs, and youtube videos. It’s not set the world on fire, but it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to see people enjoying something I have made.

I want to start focusing on content for the full game now, but I will try to keep pulling across any changes that affect this part of the game. Please consider supporting development!

Finally, I will be at Tokyo Game Dungeon 5 in Minato, Tokyo on Saturday, May 4th at table 4R-1! I went to Tokyo Game Dungeon 4 as an exhibitor too, and Yokohama Game Dungeon before just to see the games. It’s a really fun event with literally hundreds of circles. It’s worth just scrolling through online and checking them out!

Anyway, here are the latest changes:

Added touch support! Kinda!

Some people suggested this so I went through and made it work. This took a couple of days to untangle and I cannot afford to tweak this constantly. So if it doesn’t work on your particular phone… I’m sorry, but it is not a target platform at the moment! It’s not a particularly fun phone experience because the interface is tiny, but if you’re already familiar it’s okay.

The combat controls are slightly different because there is no right-mouse click to cancel. So instead each time you touch it will start a new path.

Battle generation changed

Previously all fights in the game were handcrafted. Now the game has a mixture of bespoke and generated combats. This is quite complex and I will write it up on my Patreon for Friday, but all that really matters is that fights are a lot more diverse (both in terms of what is in the battles and what you encounter over the full act)

Added a neutral “enemies can appear anywhere” modifier

Enemies have restrictions on where they can appear during battle generation. For instance Faerie Fires can’t be in a green fight, Alarune’s Wither Roses only appear in her boss battle, and act 2 enemies stay in act 2. This removes all that! But fights do still need to be within budget.

The keyword “vampirism” has been replaced with a new action, Leech.

This steals health, but is unaffected by buffs and debuffs that explicitly reference damage. Can still be boosted with badges that affect “all values.” Health and damage scale at different rates so having them paired was problematic.

Plus some other stuff:

  • Health bars on entities with a defensive status are coloured blue
  • Fixed the “Remove Scrying” modifier being a “Remove [DeleteNode]” modifier that did not a lot
  • Added some additional tooltips, e.g. explaining what Unused Stone really means
  • Stones, stone statuses and entity statuses that fire off an ability will also add relevant tooltips for anything important mentioned on that ability. E.g. Power Pendant
  • Caught a bug where some actions on Badges would be skipped on spells with Cooldown or Exhaust because of reasons that make me want to recode the entire game
  • I’ve changed/added some spells, badges and enemies but can’t remember exactly what… I am sure it’s much better now?

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I really love this, I do have a few ideas for 'badges'/spell mods, (what i call them and will refer them as), and spell ideas/concepts. (I haven't used every item/spell and/or badge in the demo so I'm not sure if these already exist or not)

PLEASE NOTE: I am really bad at naming things, and my spelling is not good.

    Spell Mod Ideas

        - Berserk: (attacks random enemy +50% dmg) or Apply to self (ATS):50% more              dmg, +50% to all values

       - Survivor: ATS: take 50% less dmg, +1 leach

  • -Shuffled: order/sequence of stones doesn't matter (just have stones in any order)

  • -True Sight: (attack ignores enemy buffs) or (removes buffs from enemy on attack)

  • -Stopper/End Sequence: once sequence for this spell is complete it stops the sequence (like how the board reset spell does)

  • -Area: does 25% dmg to surrounding enemies

  • -Purify (can be a spell too): clears board of negative effects

  • -Life Steal: returns 50% dmg done to enemy back to player as health

(damage to shield doesn't count nor do summoned enemies)

  • -Exchange: allows health to be used as mana (for this spell only)


  • -Shock: stuns enemy for 3 amount of turns

  • -Poison: +3 amount of Poison

Sorry if this is a bit much and don't see this as me telling you what/need to add but some ideas from a dedicated and happy player   :)