Third Update!

Hello, I’ve done another update.

Ceridwen Spells

Ceridwen now has as many spells as Gwen. The plan is each act has its own spells, to keep you working on your spellbook all run, so there will be more as you go deeper into the dungeon... in the full version of the game.

New Spell Scaling

A few spells and badges now have different scaling vectors. As an example: Earthquake now deals 2 damage base, but +1 damage for every enemy present. Also badges that add "+1 to all values" add +1 to this, too! Although passive bonuses like Earthquake and Sprout have caps.

Rewatch Tutorials

In the options screen you can now read all the walls of tutorial text again.

Extra Bosses

Fixed a bug that meant the mushroom boss wasn’t showing, and added a third boss fight that I won’t spoil here!

Enemy Balance

I have made some encounters a little bit easier. I want the first area to be interesting because you’re going to go through it every run, but some fights were a bit mean.

  • Dragon, Orge and Taxes (the triple wolves) only do 1 damage base. And Taxes has 2 less health
  • Backpack Slugs no longer gain block when attacking and their block reaction went from 5 to 3.
  • Faerie Fires no longer deal an eye-watering 4 damage on turn 2
    • I also renamed some enemies. So Faerie Fire is the Fairy that sets you on fire, because I thought that was fun, and the glowing balls are now Willows.

Damage Scaling

It has always been the case that after turn 3 enemies start dealing 10% more damage. But this is now rounded to the nearest number rather than up. There also was random variance on enemy damage/block - this no longer goes up, either. 


The Blessing goddess statue has an extra pixel of derriere.

✨ Backers Updated! ✨

Updated the list of people who support me on Patreon to the opening credits.

⚠ Edit: Unity Upgrade! ⚠

Next Day Edit: I couldn't find a fix, so I have downgraded back to 2021! Music should be okay now! Thank you for your patience.

Old note follows:

I upgraded to unity from 2021 to 2022 hoping that Unity would have fixed some problems with the “New” Input System, such as it failing to get mouse down events when clicking back into the window and a crash with flightsticks.

The bad news is that it doesn’t seem to have fixed these problems, and the other bad news is it has introduced new ones. Specifically WebGL in 2022 no longer allows AudioSource.PlayScheduled, so the music intro and music loop tracks just play over each other. It actually says in the official documentation that while WebGL is limited for audio, it does support PlayScheduled. But this is lies.

For now I have emergency-patched the intros out.


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These are good changes and I really love the Samurai boss, and the challenge scaling or modifiers you can use after you play a while. A cool concept for the 'Rank' score is that you could make quests that require you to complete the act with a certain rank at the end. (I have endless ideas and willing to share them with people who make such amazingly fun games)

NOTE: I am still not good with naming things nor am I good with spelling.

Example: you get an achievement for a rank score -5 or lower called something like "Playing On Easy Mode" or something like that. And another for a rank +5 or higher called "Is That All You Got?" or something like that.

New Modifier Ideas 

- <Shop Area> costs <some amount> of starting mana instead Pinecones             {rank up 1}

- Encounter enemies at all/any locations {rank up 3} (when going to shop, chests, or badge ruins player can be put into a easy/random level fight)

- Add 1 <blessings> location to map {rank down 1}

If you didn't see my other concept ideas for this game, there over on the comments on update two or this link.

(Side Note: I will 100% your game)

Thanks for your comments and suggestions!

Yeah, rank also does something special, but in the demo it's just additonal challenge.

Oh, well I will be looking forward to it then and any and all other feature you may add.